Virginia Uncontested Divorces and Separation Agreements

Oct 2, 2014 | Civil Litigation

The Law Office is expanding its practice areas to include Virginia uncontested divorces and separation agreements.  Virginia residents and servicemembers or spouses stationed in Virginia should contact the Law Office to discuss any separation and divorce issues that may be resolved amicably and without the need for protracted litigation. 

Virginia recognizes two forms of no-fault uncontested divorce: (1) the spouses have been living apart for at least six months, with no minor children and a separation agreement; or (2) the spouses have been living apart for at least twelve months. 

In either case, a separation agreement addressing the division of marital property and debts, custody and visitation of any minor children, and spousal and child support should be used to facilitate the divorce.  Since important and potentially costly property rights should be covered in the separation agreement, you should consult with an attorney prior to negotiating or signing any agreement. 

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